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NFL Player National Anthem Protests

One of the four most watched leagues in the United States, NFL, has already started with a boom. Not only the whole league is all fun to watch, the preseason has also been interesting so far. NFL has its own beauty in its games but it seems like there are some other things too that are in spotlight for some time now. There has been a lot of betting based on these events on sites like 

Some NFL players are protesting over the national anthem and it has taken the whole country by storm. It all began with the San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s sitting during the national anthem before a preseason game in late August. At first, Kaepernick had been protesting by sitting but he went unnoticed since he didn’t play the initial games and was present without the uniform. He was finally noticed on August 26th as he sat down in his all team attire. Colin was found to be protesting against the racial discrimination and the police brutality against the black people in United States. He sat during the national anthem to record a silent protest in which he mentioned that he can’t take pride in the national anthem of the country where racial discrimination is getting black people killed.

He was later joined by some other players of NFL in his protest. Different players sat during the national anthem before their game to show solidarity with Kaepernick. Kaepernick was joined in his protest by Jeremy Lane of Seattle Seahawks in his final preseason game. After Lane’s show of solidarity, Doug Baldwin Jr. tweeted about some kind of team activity to happen during the national anthem. People concluded, based on the recent events during national anthem that this act would be sitting of the whole team. But, Baldwin cleared it before the act that they never mentioned it here as the protest and the only purpose of the act is to show unity. As it turned out the act appeared to be only the linkage of arms of the whole team.

A lot of other NFL players have joined Kaepernick in his protest. These protests have been ridiculed as well as encouraged all over the United States. Although, the owner of Dallas Cowboys’ team, Jerry Jones, has mentioned that he is proud that his team didn’t protest on the national anthem. He went against the Kaepernick’s campaign and said that this protest on national anthem isn’t something that can earn you proud.

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