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Ohio State Football Season Preview

2014 was great for the Buckeyes and for some time last year it seemed like Meyer could do the unthinkable and repeat the same feat in 2015. But it just wasn’t meant to be. This year the Buckeyes had a large turnover of their main players, and it now remains to be seen whether they can keep the same level of performances as the previous two seasons.

This large number of players leaving makes any attempt at making a prediction of how their season will go for Ohio State like going to UK licensed online casinos or, if you are Australian, to aussie pokies and trying to win big time – you know that you have a chance of winning, but at the end of the day there are many things that have to come into place if you want to win the jackpot.


And this season there are most definitely a lot of things that have to come into place for the completely changed team of the Buckeyes to have any chance of going all the way. The fact that a dozen star players have left doesn’t make the task any easier of course.

Some of the more influential players that have left are quarterback Cardale Jones, running back Zeke Elliott, H-back Braxton Miller, receivers Michael Thomas and Jalin Marshall, left tackle Taylor Decker, defensive end Joey Bosa, linebackers Joshua Perry and Darron Lee, tackle Adolphus Washington, safeties Vonn Bell and Tyvis Powell, corner Eli Apple, and defensive coordinator Chris Ash.

But that is always expected in college football. The best and most talented always leave and the coach and his assistants have to instantly shift their focus to the new generation of talented individuals to impress, win big games, entertain the masses and then leave the team just like their predecessors did. It’s a cycle of revamping teams in which only the best at transitioning squads succeed. And Ohio State are arguably the best at this.

This means that even though they lost a lot of star players they still got big players in the team. There might be a year in which the Buckeyes will reorganize and regroup, but as soon as this transitional season has ended, Ohio State will most likely return stronger than ever and with a point to prove. This is because their football program is so robust and solid and the coaching staff is probably the best in the business of introducing young talent to the big time.


The Buckeyes are currently considered as the fourteenth favourites, which seems about right for a team that was forced to make wholesale changes in such short period of time. This rating will definitely work in their favour this season though, and should remove the pressure from their shoulders, at least in the big games like with Michigan for example, who are tipped as the big favourites this year and will be under a lot of pressure to deliver.

So this is probably a good year for Maryland, Michigan, Penn State and the like to overtake Ohio State. However, if they don’t do that this season, the chances that they will do the same thing in 2017 are much slimmer.

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