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The Colts Got Lucky Landing Andrew Luck

The 2016 NFL season is going to enter its third week this weekend. Fans are joyous with all the possibilities this season regarding their favorite players and teams. Kids are adults are swarming the store to get hands on the uniform of their favorite players. Similarly wagers are being placed on teams and players either based on favoritism or intelligent calculations. At times it is difficult to predict a how a particular player will perform so a different route can be taken towards winning money based on luck. One of the ways to do it is by going to the online website of Roxy palace casino. You can otherwise bet on your favorite player like Dwyane Wade of the Chicago Bulls Basketball team or Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts Football team. Let’s look at some of the stats and history of Andrew Luck.

All About Luck

The most important member of any football unit is the quarterback. He is the so called general leading his troops towards the strategy designed by the headquarters, in this case the team management. Andrew Luck is one such general for the NFL team Indianapolis Colts. He was drafted in 2012 after he played college ball at Stanford where he was a two time all American. He was being drafted as the number one pick in the 2011 draft but decided to return to his homepage of Stanford, being drafted the next year.

Luck Strikes Quickly

In his first three seasons as the quarterback for the Colts, he marched his team into three post season playoff along with two division titles. The titles were won in 2013 and 2014 season. In the 2013 playoff helped the Colts recover the second largest lead in the history of NFL. In the match against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts recovered from a deficit of 28 points to win the game. The only other team to do better than this was to recover a 32 point lead in the 1993 season.

Unlucky Injuries

As all quarterbacks are known for their passing, Andrew is no different. The only value addition is that he has also made a reputation for being a running quarterback making the life more miserable for the defense line ups and their strategy think tanks. He missed out on half the season of 2015 due to a number of reasons. He had a shoulder injury, lacerated kidney and a torn abdomen muscle. For the upcoming season, Colts have signed a six year extension with him which is for 140 million dollars making him the highest earning player in the NFL. All the more reasons, to put money on him.

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