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Three dont’s to help you make better NFL football picks

The NFL season is fast approaching and will be here before you know it! Making good and profitable NFL football picks takes time and practice, however, to help you speed up your path to winning, here are some general rules and tips to help you win more in 2016!

Don’t overvalue favorites

One of the biggest mistakes newer NFL bettors make is betting on too many favorites. They are favorites for one of two reasons. The first is they might actually be the better team, but the other reason is the sportsbooks are trying to influence betting on a particular side.

For instance, the sportsbooks know that the betting public usually overvalued teams like the Cowboys and Giants. Because of this, the sportsbooks will usually pad their lines by an extra point or two to influence more people into thinking that those teams are good plays.

However, especially when it comes to a team being slightly favored on the road, this can be a big indicator that the underdog it actually the better play. Slight favorites of less than three points should always be met with some scrutiny, but when they are road favorites, they are likely a trap set by the sportsbooks to help them make more money with the dog eventually wins or cashes.

Don’t just settle for spreads and totals

The NFL season is not that long. There are only 16 games for each team and with the nature of it being only once per week, there are limited opportunities to make money on just spreads and totals. However, there are countless other ways to bet on the NFL and depending on the week, they are usually better values for your NFL Football Picks.

There are teasers and props, which are always nice ways to add value to your NFL Picks. Teasers are a parlay style bet that spots you points in your favor to add some value to your favorite picks, while props can be anything from who will win the coin toss in the Super Bowl to how many yards Eli Manning will throw for in a particular game.

Game props are also nice plays, especially the non-exotic ones. Don’t bet on props on whether the final score will end in an even or odd number, but bets on a particular team’s total, or who will score first are better game props.

Don’t ignore the news

This is an important rule for life as well, but with the United States’ presidential election, I can see how you would avoid the news. However, football news is much more important. Especially later in the season when injuries start to pile up, knowing who is in and out of the game, or who is playing through an injury are very important pieces of news.

For instance, if you know that a team with an already shaky offensive line is going to be missing two o-line starters, you might want to make a play on the other side, or am under play on that particular team’s total.

Or, if a team has several defensive starters out, a play on the opposing team’s total or just the opposing team’s spread could be a good way to make our NFL Football Picks.

Injury news for the Sunday early games is always out by about 90 minutes before kickoff, so make sure you are following a news site or even Twitter to help you get on top of the news, so you can get extra value on your NFL Football Picks.

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