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Kyrie Irving not thrilled with replica court in Milwaukee

As part of the Milwaukee Bucks’ 50th anniversary season, tonight’s game vs the Celtics is being played at their old arena – the MECCA. The Bucks had a replica of the old court installed for the game. (As a kid, I remember hating that court and being distracted by how much Terry Cummings’ sweat.)


Al Horford told Marc D’Amico of Celtics.com that he’s excited to play in the arena because he attended games there as a toddler when his father played for the Bucks in 1988-89.

But not every Celtic shares that enthusiasm:

It would be great if Kyrie can overcome his concerns with the court and have a breakout scoring game.

Here’s video of his non-enthusiasm:

We should also hope that Marcus Smart and his gimpy ankles take to the court: