Were DeAndre Jordan and Glen Davis Smoking Marijuana in Amsterdam?

Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has reportedly been vacationing in Europe with the 2013-14 season in the books. And he was most recently spotted in Amsterdam—hanging out with former Clippers F Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who just opted out of his contract and is currently testing the free agent market.

This particular photo with Davis and Jordan is a winner (which TMZ obtained), as it appears that Davis was smoking a marijuana cigarette, while Jordan possibly rolled another up.


We don’t know exactly what the substance was, and Jordan was not spotted smoking or inhaling it. But he and his buddies were hanging out outside of a “coffee shop,” and we all know what goes on there.

Here’s another photo of Jordan, Davis and their friends sharing a laugh outside the shop.


But just to make sure: Let’s zoom in and get a closer look at what Jordan was holding in the photo at the top of the article.


Remember, Jordan also recently hung out with fellow teammate Matt Barnes and cannabis aficionado/rapper Wiz Khalifa, which was posted on Wiz’s Instagram on Wednesday. All of them looked pretty “relaxed.”

Even though “what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam,” Jordan is under contract (while Davis is not) and the NBA has a strict drug policy. Players are still subject to (two) random drug tests during the offseason—even though some may skate by without being tested.

We can’t blame him for enjoying himself and taking a vacation—it’s been a rough last few months for Clippers fans and players alike. But if he’s going to partake, he’d probably be better off avoiding public places next time.

[You can view these photos, as well as many others, at TMZ.]

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