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Dennis Schroder remembers love tap given by Isaiah Thomas

Slap. Love tap. Incidental contact. It’s all the same.

I had forgotten about this little feud until today. It’s understandable because the Hawks are irrelevant* and Isaiah Thomas has been one of the best players in the league this season.

In all seriousness, IT is too good for this garbage. We need him to stay focused on burying jumpers and taking over games.

In other news, Al Horford is dealing with the return to his former team:

I heard the Hawks are planning a video tribute. I’m expecting many more cheers than boos from Atlanta fans.

Let’s be real, the Hawks could have resigned Al if they really wanted to. But they dicked around, low-balled him and tried to recover last minute. By that time Horford realized the potential of the Celtics and how cool it would be to play for the greatest franchise in the history of sports. He also probably tired of playing in front of the most apathetic fan base in the league.

*I realize the Hawks are 22-16 and riding a 7 game winning streak. But that all ends once they trade Paul Millsap and commit to the inevitable rebuild.