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Isaiah is excited about his hip and Hayward

Isaiah Thomas took his kids to Patriots practice today to, in his words, watch greatness. The assembled media saw Isaiah there and figured they’d get a few words out of one of Boston’s biggest sports stars… asking him how his hip felt and how he feels about the addition of Gordon Hayward.

He also talked a little bit more with ESPN

So everything seems to be going according to plan for Isaiah. The return from the hip injury is slow but steady and didn’t require surgery. He’s excited to play with Gordon Hayward because of course he is.

Isaiah’s been in town for a bit getting his work in, going through the rehab process, and probably listening to a few people still bad-mouth him after the Kyrie trade demand. I can’t wait to see him and Hayward playing off each other… those two guys plus Brad Stevens’ planning is going to make for some fun times.

(Photo via Celtics on Twitter)