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LeBron got ejected and is still bitching about it

Bravo (ref) Kane Fitzgerald, bravo. LeBron deserved that ejection. He got one tech for the demonstrative air punch and another for the expletives. That’s NBA officiating 101.

But that doesn’t mean LeBron won’t bitch about his lack of calls:

“I think I’m one of the league leaders in points in the paint. I drive just as much as anybody. It’s like almost they’re trying to turn me into a jump shooter. And I’m not a jump shooter. I watch games every single night and I see jump shooters going to the line double-digit times every single night. And I’m not a jump shooter and I get fouled just like every body else do.

Admission: LeBron is 29th in FTs per possession and might deserve a few more free throws.

But do you want to know where James really gets breaks? On fouls called against him. His career average is 1.9.

How about some historical perspective for that stat:

    • Michael Jordan – 2.6.
    • Larry Bird – 2.5
    • Magic Johnson – 2.3
    • Kobe Bryant – 2.5
    • Isiah Thomas – 3.0
    • Charles Barkley – 3.1
    • Scottie Pippen – 2.8

In my best Tommy Heinsohn voice…. Gimme a break!