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YOU GOTTA SEE IT: Sidney Crosby’s 400th Goal Was Very Exciting

Just kidding! It was boring as shit. However, if it wasn’t for that frosted tips lookin’ head ass David Steckel, this probably would’ve been #500 for Sid.


Illegal blindside checks to the skull that only cost $5,000 aside, #400 is still worthy of a pause for reflection. Now, sit back, turn up your speakers, and press play as you enjoy a highlight reel of some of Sidney Crosby’s best goals as a professional ice hockey player to the tune of Grammy Award-winning rock band Nickelback!


P.S. – Everyone do Chase Williams of WPXI a solid and thank him for this incredible tweet after Sid scored his 400th.

Tremendous picture and solid content, per usual. You bet your ass you ONLY saw it on WPXI.

P.P.S. – I blogged this hungover today. Very admirable effort by me.


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