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Drunk Ed Sheeran hit Justin Bieber in face with golf club

Ed Sheeran has been in the news a lot recently, as the popular singer is preparing to release his third album.

Sheeran also recently opened up to Alexis Petridis of The Guardian, giving readers a window into his life in an exclusive interview. He talked about a variety of different topics, but one of them stands out among the rest.

A night out with Justin Bieber once brought he and Sheeran to a dive bar, where the two proceeded to get hammered. That’s nothing new, but what they did next a golf course was.

From the profile story:

“We were in Japan. We’d been out to a dive bar. [Bieber] just drank water and I got hammered. Then we went to a golf course, and he lay on the floor and put a golf ball in his mouth and told me to hit it out of his mouth. I was like, ‘F—, I need to aim this properly,’ and I swung. And you know in films when someone gets punched, and you hear that fake sound, like a slap? But in real life when someone gets punched you hear that dull thud, a bit sickening? I heard a sound like the last one, and saw his security guard looking at me … I’d cracked Justin Bieber right in the cheek with a golf club. That was one of those ‘What the f—?’ moments.”

Ouch, and the worst part about it all is that Biebz was sober when it happened. That must’ve been painful.