Pro Scooter Riding, is it a Real Sport?

Pro Scooter Riding, is it a Real Sport?

Pro Scooter Riding, is it a Real Sport?

Kick scooters, we all know and love them with, and most of us have fond childhood memories of friends and adventures in the neighbourhood. So could riding these beloved kick scooters be considered a real sport? Yes Pro Scooter Riding is a sport albeit not a mainstream one.

Scooters, In The X-Games?

It may not be a recognised mainstream sport, and it may not even have a place at the X-Games, which are the Olympic games of extreme sport, but it is definitely a sport, with its own governing bodies and a number of countries having national teams such as the UK, Australia and America. It is recognised as an extreme sport, along with BMX and Skateboarding, and there are a lot of professional riders making a good living as well as a loyal and fanatical fan base that support these great athletes as they compete in the various meetings around the globe.

Freestyle scootering, also known as simply riding, is a sport has developed in the skateparks around the world. It is an extreme sport in the same vein as skateboarding and BMXing and involves the riders performing freestyle tricks or stunts.

Although a lot of BMX riders and skateboarders often do not take scootering or riding seriously, they are starting to realise how popular the sport has become and some of them are even venturing into the sport themselves. Riders are participating in established competitions such as the ISA World Championships and others, they are garnering sponsorships and turning pro, and their hobby has become a profession and is growing rapidly in popularity around the world.

Bear in mind these are not your kids’ scooters but professional scooters designed to take this kind of punishment. They have sturdier decks, handlebars that do not fold and threadless forks to name just a few differences between what was and what is in the scootering world. MyProScooter has a range of the latest scooters used by professionals in the sport, along with a spares and parts and extras to make your scooter even better and stronger to give you an idea of how much the scooters you knew as a child have changed. Just as you would not play in the NFL with a toy helmet, you cannot try these tricks with a toy scooter, somebody will get hurt.

Guinness World Records

The tricks performed by these riders range from the simple bunny-hopping or jumping of small ramps to the outrageous stunts performed by the professional riders. Dakota Schuetz is one of these pros, and he has a Guinness World Record for performing 15 backflips in one minute on his scooter. BMXing and skating have always been the extreme sports practiced in the skateparks of the world but these are starting to have to give way to the scooter riders who are growing in number. The tricks performed are becoming more daring and more difficult to perform, and even the die-hard BMXers and Skaters are having to admit that Scooters are the future of extreme sports.

Dante Hutchinson a 16 year old from the UK has just bagged his first world title and is one of the young professionals out there making a good living with sponsorships and pretty decent prize money. So it may not be a mainstream sport, but as an extreme sport it is growing in leaps and bounds and it about to be accepted as part of the extreme sport events such as the X games you know the scootering is going to be the BMXing or skateboarding of the future.

Who Would Have Thought MMA Would Be a True Sport?

Nobody in the world would have thought that MMA or “Cage Fighting” would have reached the heights it has, now being recognised as a sport, and there was a lot of resistance from the boxing fraternity when it first came on the scene. Another sport that did not get the recognition in the beginning was WWE, which is still not mainstream but exceptionally popular and well paid.

Those at the top of their game ride at the Xfest scooter competition and of course in the ISA competitions and world championships. These athletes are not only extremely imaginative but their athleticism is beyond doubt, along with their courage and daring. Since the formation of the American Freestyle Scooter Association (AFSA) formed there have been great strides to getting this sport the recognition it deserves, and it is sure to make an even bigger impact on the extreme sports areas in the future.